For teachers

For teachers

July 2014

Happy holidays! In between swimming and sunning yourselves, you may be thinking ahead to next term. Keep an eye on our National Poetry Day page where we are posting all the resources to help you get organised for 2nd October. 

'We're all going on our summer holidays' by Michael Ely shared under a Creative Commons Licence, available at

National Poetry Day 2014

Remember, remember the 2nd October! Look at our poems and plans on different aspects of the 'Remember' theme here. Lesson plans to accompany the postcard poems ready and awaiting your download!

Image by Rani Hausken shared under a CC licence available at 

Making Makars

Getting poetry teaching withdrawal?! If you're getting ready for next term, check out Making Makars' archive of posts to give you ideas for the classroom. New Making Makars blogs will be posted from August to help you ease into the new school year.

What's On?

Planning poetry workshops or CPD for next term? Explore our current workshop opportunities here, and don't forget to find out what's happening more broadly in the world of poetry on our connect pages

Classroom Resources

Look in our library of resources to find just the right thing to help meet your poetry classroom needs. From Early Years to senior students, we should have something to help with reading and writing and enjoying poetry in a range of ways, across the curriculum.


Poetry competitions can be the ideal way to bring poetry into the classroom. Many offer helpful guidance for teachers, and the prospect of prizes, publication and a real audience can prove highly motivating for pupils. Find out more about competitions for all ages and throughout the year.


Poetry posters

New classroom looking a little bare? Why not download and print some of our free poetry posters. We've got a range of themes to suit your topics - including WW1 and Set Scottish Texts. You'll need Adobe Acrobat but that's free to download too!