Reading together

Reading with senior groups

Reading or reciting poems aloud is a great shared pleasure, whether it’s nursery rhymes with toddlers, or reading a poem at a big family occasion. But reading poems aloud is about more than simply offering pleasure;  we can help you find the poems you need. The SPL can recommend both widely-read English language classics, as well as poems that are particularly relevant to Scottish readers.

Reading with young children

The simple act of reading to our children is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. In doing so, we give ourselves – our voices, our time, our undivided attention and a secure and nurturing space. Whether your children are babes-in-arms, toddlers, pre-schoolers or already at a later stage on their school learning journey, reading together is a way of giving and receiving that strengthens bonds and reaps life-long pleasures and rewards for all the family.

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Reading at special occasions

Sometimes you need to find the poem that will speak for everyone at a great occasion. The SPL has more than 25 years’ experience of finding poems for occasions like weddings, funerals, retirement, baby naming and other ceremonies where it’s important to find the words that will help everybody speak.

Try searching our poems online, or use our How Can We Help? form to ask us for assistance in finding the perfect poem.

Reading with senior groups

Poems are memorised.  Poems are memories.

Grouping readers by age is often as pointless as grouping them by eye-colour – but with an increasingly large and diverse population over 65, there’s scope for sharing poems with older readers in so many different ways, giving particular pleasure in reading, listening or reminiscing.

We see some astonishing responses to poems from carehome residents. Poems learned many years ago can be recognised, or even remembered word-perfect to great satisfaction, when many other things are forgotten or confused. Poems read aloud can provide some precious human contact and a familiar voice if someone in care is too disoriented or tired to hold a conversation. Or perhaps reading some poems is simply an easier way for you to keep talking to somebody you love who no longer recognises you. 

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