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Ilyse Kusnetz

In this podcast Jennifer Williams talks to Ilyse Kusnetz who was visiting Scotland during the StAnza Festival 2014. They talk about when to put the poem in the closet, feminism and politics in poetry and what the Scottish ...

Jenny Lewis

Poet, playwright and songwriter Jenny Lewis' new collection Taking Mesopotamia (Carcanet) reimagines the WW1 campaign her father took part in southern Iraq, using her father's diaries.

Caroline Bird

Caroline Bird reads her work and talks about the importance of reading for a poet and how an Arvon course she attended when she was 13 persuaded her to transform her readings habits.

Brian Turner

Brian Turner is an American poet who served in the U.S. Army, completing tours of duty in Iraq. In this podcast, Turner talks about the poetry that came out of his experiences in the US military.

Niall Campbell

Niall Campbell talks about growing up on an island, his interest in spirituality without God, and the similarities between sculpture and poetry.

Lee Si-Young with Marcus Slease and Claire Potter

Korean poet Lee Si-Young discusses censorship and political poetry, with Marcus Slease and Claire Potter on their collaboration, part of S.J. Fowler's Camerade project

Alexander Hutchison

Alexander Hutchison talks about his most recent collection Bones & Breath, tardigrades, ancient spears, the poet’s voice and much more!

J. L. Williams

J.L Williams is a poet fascinated by the possiblility of metamorphoses. She talks to us about the nature of stone, the poetry of locusts, and just how spiritual she is.

Tanya Shirley

Jamaica's Tanya Shirley is a participant in the SPL's Commonwealth Poets United project. She visited the Scottish Poetry Library to read poems about her gun-toting grandfather and the facets of Jamaican life rev ...

Mark Doty

Mark Doty talks about daring to do the things in poems that others are scared to do and bringing aspects of your own personality into your writing.