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Bill Manhire

New Zealand's Bill Manhire talks about his Scottish ancestry, his influences, and the time he ended up in Private Eye's Pseud's Corner.

Jenny Lindsay

Jenny Lindsay, co-creator of the popular 'poetry cabaret' Rally and Broad, talks about her poetry and the lively spoken word scene in Scotland today.

Korean poets Sim Bo-Seon & Kim So-Yeon

Two Korean poets Sim Bo-Seon & Kim So-Yeon discuss how poets are perceived in Korea.

Commonwealth Poets United: Glenn Colquhoun

The New Zealand poet talks about visiting Shetland, his Scottish ancestry, and a song of remembrance for his great-great-grandmother.

Catalan, Gaelic and The Bloody Great Border Ballad Project

Gaelic and Catalan poets discuss a fascinating exploration of the artistic potential of borders and a reimagining of the modern ballad.

Brian Johnstone and the Fields of War

Scottish poet Brian Johnstone talks war, jazz and collaborating with other artists.

Christian McEwen

Poet and creative writing thinking Christian McEwen talks about a life built around making the spaces to write and create.

Alasdair Paterson

Poet-librarian Alasdair Paterson is a consummate flâneur. In this podcast we stroll with him from Homer's Greece to post-Soviet Russia, a journey that took him a lifetime.

Michael Schmidt and Peter Rose

Michael Schmidt, editor of the PN Review, and Peter Rose, editor of the Australian Book Review, discuss their approach to editing and to writing.

Commonwealth Poets United: Toni Stuart and Rachel McCrum

Commonwealth Poets United is an exchange between Scottish poets and poets from six Commonwealth nations. The UK's Rachel McCrum and South Africa's Toni Stuart discuss their exchange trips.