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After Lermontov

This year marks the bicentenary of the birth of the Russian novelist and poet Mikhail Lermontov. Our latest podcast looks at his short, turbulent life in the company of his translators: Peter France, Robert Crawford, Sash ...


Madeleine Campbell, A C Clarke, Christine De Luca and Haris Psarras talk about poetry translation in Scotland.

Anita Govan

Performance poet Anita Govan talks about her time as the Stirling Makar, coping with dyslexia, and standing up for young people.

Hugo Williams

Hugo Williams' latest collection, I Knew The Bride, has been nominated for the TS Eliot Prize. In our latest podcast he talks about ageing, dialysis, and what Hardy was doing with Shelley's heart.


Berlin's VERSschmuggel pairs Scottish and German-language poets in order to produce "cover versions" of each other's poems. Featuring Don Paterson, J.O. Morgan, and Katharina Schultens.

Far Off Places

Far Off Places logo
We chat to the editors of Far Off Places, a young literary magazine with far-reaching ambitions.

August Kleinzahler

American poet August Kleinzahler discusses his views on poetry as an art form and the modern poetry world.

Gerry Loose

We travel to Faslane, home of the UK's nuclear deterrent, to talk to Gerry Loose. He guides us around the area, sharing his thoughts on the radical nature of landscape poetry.

Miriam Gamble

Miriam Gamble talks about how being a critic impacts on her work and the pressures of being part of the Northern Irish poetic tradition.

Robert Crawford

Robert Crawford talks about tackling the subject of Scottish independence in poetry, his friend and collaborator, the late Mick Imlah, and translating Cavafy into Scots.