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Alice Notley

Alice Notley recorded live in conversation at the 2015 StAnza poetry festival in St Andrews.

Blake Morrison

Blake Morrison discusses finding poetry in the headlines and what a poet can bring to a news story that a journalist can't.

Chrys Salt

Chrys Salt talks about writing war poetry when you have a son who is a soldier, and how poetry can benefit from a good performance.

Ryan's Final Cut

In the last regular podcast to feature Ryan Van Winkle, he looks back at some of his favourite interviews since he started the podcast in 2008.

Marion McCready

Marion McCready talks about how Christianity influences her work, and what she has against rhubarb.

Jacob Polley

Jacob Polley talks about resisting the idea of ‘home’ and remaining open to possibility when you’re writing.

David Harsent

David Harsent talks about hen harriers, the heat death of the universe and meeting Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadžić.

Thomas Lux

Thomas Lux discusses his approach to writing and his inspiring thoughts on teaching creative writing.

Donna Stonecipher

Donna Stonecipher discusses how the changing nature of Berlin has affected her poetry.

Sasha Dugdale

Sasha Dugdale, editor of Modern Poetry in Translation, discusses the problems involved with being a poet and a poetry translator.