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Linda Russo

American poet Linda Russo talks about the complexities of writing a poetry of place, the challenges and rewards of creating with empathy, and the question, ‘Why aren’t we giving up hope?’.

Ken MacLeod

Ken MacLeod talks about editing the SPL's online anthology Best Scottish Poems 2015, his friend Iain Banks. Banks and writing a riposte to The Waste Land.

William Bonar

William Bonar discusses the mythology of memory, Hugh MacDiarmid's influence on Scots language poetry and a walk through the frozen cradle of Scotland.

Angela Cleland

Angela Cleland talks about writing from an early age, taking up boxing and writing science fiction.

Kevin Cadwallender

Kevin Cadwallender on the 'page versus stage' debate, his religious beliefs, how family and architecture inform his poetry, and fast writing-slow thinking.

Ryan Van Winkle

Ryan Van Winkle returns to talk about his award-winning second collection The Good Dark.

Commonwealth Poets United: Tolu Ogunlesi

Nigerian poet Tolu Ogunlesi speaks about poetry as a connecting force in his life, and as a passport to new landscapes and ideas.

Edinburgh Festival Diary 2015

Come with us to the merry month of August, when the SPL podcast team captured the best of the fests. With Alan Spence, Loud Poets, Rachel McCrum, and many more.

Speaking in Tongues - Bilingual Poetry

Three poets whose first language isn't English discuss writing poetry in a foreign tongue. Features Agnes Török, Ioannis Kalkounos and Juana Adcock.

Christine De Luca

Edinburgh's Makar Christine De Luca talks about how she's taken her native Shetlandic dialect around the world.