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Kapka Kassabova

"Brown Paper Packages" by Flickr user Pewari Naan
Christmas poetry pressie recommendations from Ryan and SPL staff, then Kapka Kassabova tells us her thoughts on poetry, in conversation with Ryan.

Diamonds and Mariners

Wedding photograph by Flickr user Ottoman56 - published under Creative Commons
Ryan chats with Francis Bickmore and Toby Mottershead about Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," and we're treated to a track by Black Diamond Express.


Chemist Alasdair Maloney - research areas include magnetism & organic synthesis
Ryan talks to actors Gilchrist Muir and Jamie Gordon and Chemical Poet Alasdair Maloney.

Ballou and Bluegrass

Donkey by Malias
Ryan Van Winkle catches up with Emily Ballou, and Jed Milroy accompanies Ryan reading one of his own poems.

GPS and Salt Poets Andrew Philip and Julia Bird

Nobody Knows Anybody ... Not That Well.  GPS photo by Alastair Cook.
Ryan talks about the Global Poetry System project, and we hear from poets Andrew Philip and Julia Bird.

Jen Hadfield, Lise Sinclair and Carry a Poem

Water's Great C'mon In
Interview with Jen Hadfield plus music from Lise Sinclair. Ryan Van Winkle discusses a new SPL campaign, Carry A Poem.

Reel Iraq at the Golden Hour

Picture by Ryan Van Winkle
Ryan interviews Sinan Antoon at the Forest's legendary literary cabaret, the Golden Hour.

Witching Hour

Hellborn Corvus
Ryan interviews Kona Macphee ...

Beyond the Boundaries

Go Slow by Greg Thomas
The Scottish Poetry Library celebrate poetry in unexpected places.

Burns in the here-and-now

Ishbel McFarlane
The Scottish Poetry Library celebrates live performance and Burns. Featuring Ishbel McFarlane, Claire Askew and selected highlights from the event Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect.