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The Loud Poets

The Loud Poets reveal their 'origin story' and talk about making space for their brand of spoken word performances.

Literary Europe Live: Juana Adcock and Árpád Kollár

Europe special! Juana Adcock and Árpád Kollár about Hungarian punk music, Spanglish, and how to write multi-lingual poems.

Isobel Dixon

Image by Jo Kearney
Isobel Dixon about the universal and the particular, collaboration, and making space in a busy schedule to write.

Helen Mort

Helen Mort talks about female pioneers of mountaineering and the strange health risks men believed running posed women.

Sarah Howe

T.S. Eliot Prize-winner Sarah Howe talks about writing in multiple languages, sense and non-sense in poetry and much more.

Don Paterson and Krystelle Bamford

The poets discuss translations, sonnets and what sort of a character makes for a good poem.

Iain Morrison

Iain Morrison talks about poetry and art, being able to write about sex and identity, and the influence of Emily Dickinson.

Claire Askew

Claire Askew discusses privilege, the danger of appropriating the experience of others, and why she's so drawn to writing poems about her grandparents.

Carrie Etter

Carrie Etter discusses climate change, teaching poetry, trends in American and UK poetry and much more.

Harry Giles

Harry Giles talks about politics, a messy take on the Scots language, and the time the Daily Mail called him 'vile'.