When Russia met Scotland

In September 2016, the SPL, the British Council and Edwin Morgan Trust took three Scottish poets – Stewart Sanderson, Christine De Luca and Jen Hadfield – to Russia as part of the celebrations of the UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature 2016 and the global Shakespeare Lives programme commemorating the 400th anniversary of his death. While in Moscow and St Petersburg, they worked with three Russian poets – Marina Boroditskaya, Grigorii Kruzhkov and Lev Oborin – on translations of each other’s work.

In March 2017, the second leg of the exchange took the Russian poets to Scotland for a series of readings across the country. While in Edinburgh, they came into the SPL to record a podcast with their Scottish counterparts. Listen as they talk about translation, Shakespeare, and living in a capital city.

Podcasts we recommend

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Water's Great C'mon In
Interview with Jen Hadfield plus music from Lise Sinclair. Ryan Van Winkle discusses a new SPL campaign, Carry A Poem.


Berlin's VERSschmuggel pairs Scottish and German-language poets in order to produce "cover versions" of each other's poems. Featuring Don Paterson, J.O. Morgan, and Katharina Schultens.