Paula Meehan

Irish poet Paula Meehan has been called 'that rare and precious thing – a vocational poet of courage and integrity' by Carol Ann Duffy. In this wide ranging interview with Ryan Van Winkle, you will see why. 'I think poetry acts as lightning rod to earth the energies of the Zeitgeist that you are living through... Often to get real, true peace you have to actually nearly reopen the wound to clean it.' They discuss the troubles in Ireland, issues with the priesthood, witchcraft, abuse and suicide, but at all times Paula remains sparklingly eloquent, thoughtful and maintains a sense of intense wonder and joy with the world. Her many accolades include the Irish American Cultural Institute’s Butler Award, the Denis Devlin Award and the Marten Toonder Award.

Presented by Ryan Van Winkle
Produced by Colin Fraser of Culture Laser Productions
Recorded at the StAnza poetry festival.
Photo by user Copynoir on Wikipedia.

First published 4 September 2013

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