Nurduran Duman

Our programme manager, Jennifer Williams (a.k.a. poet J.L. Williams) – had a fabulous adventure recently when she was invited to read at the 5th International Eskişehir Poetry Festival in Turkey. In this podcast she shares an interview with the poet Nurduran Duman, as well as a soundscape of readings, interviews and music recorded along the way. We hope it will give you a taste of not only the extraordinary festival organised by Haydar Ergülen which featured international guests and Turkish poets, but also some of the delights of the very vibrant contemporary poetry scene in Turkey.

Some of the other poets and artists you will hear in this recording include:

Gerd Laugesen (Denmark) 
Michel Cassir (France) 
Claudia Cassir (France) 
Balázs Szőllőssy (Hungary) 
Serge Basso de March (Luxembourg) 
Yeşim Ağaoğlu (Turkey)

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