John Glenday and Kim Edgar

Skye Viticulture

"I went out to the hazel wood,/ Because a fire was in my head"

In the final part of our Highland trilogy, Ryan chats with John Glenday about what it's like to be a drug counsellor and a poet, which poem he carries with him, and we get an opportunity to hear John read from new collection, Grain (Picador). We also have the track "Nothing to Hold Onto" by Kim Edgar, which was a response to a work by John during the 7 Short Sails project.

About Kim Edgar

Kim Edgar is a piano/guitar playing songwriter who released butterflies and broken glass, her compelling debut "urban folk pop" album about the beauty and broken-ness of everyday life in 2008. Nominated Album of the Week twice at Radio Scotland, the album also received critical acclaim in national and regional press.

First published 28 January, 2010