Ballou and Bluegrass

Donkey by Malias

"I felt a Funeral, in my Brain …"

Ryan catches up with American/Australian poet Emily Ballou just before her event at the SPL. They discuss what it's like to be a poet abroad, influences on her work, and her recent verse biography The Darwin Poems. We're also treated to Ryan's poem "Bluegrass" with musical accompaniment by Jed Milroy.  Produced by Colin Fraser. Incidental music by Ewen Maclean.

About Jed Milroy

Jed is a rambling roving musician. Sometime guitarist for psychedelic popsters The Aliens, manic banjo player for The Homecoming String Band. His own songs are fingerpicked acoustic guitar rants and sweet melodies about wild places and people.

First published 20 November, 2009