Curate your own mini-radio station for National Poetry Day 2017, from Scottish Poetry Library podcasts. 

To start you off, here are five, handpicked by Communications Manager Colin Waters, where poets talk about different kinds of freedom.

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Helen Mort
Freedom from Sexism

Mort talks about her poems about the first women mountaineers and marathon runners – and how they can inspire women today to claim more freedom.
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Juana Adcock and Arpád Kollár
Freedom of Movement

Adcock, a poet of Mexican descent resident in Glasgow, and Kollár, a Hungarian visiting Scotland, talk about Literature Across Frontiers and what freedom of movement has meant for them personally and creatively.
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Andrew McMillan
Sexual Freedom

Andrew McMillan discusses frankly how his poetry draws on his life as a gay man. In the year of the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act, which decriminalised homosexual acts, McMillan’s poems remind us how society's attitudes to sexual freedom have changed.
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Gerry Loose
Freedom to Protest

Loose takes the listener on a tour of Faslane, near where he lives and the site of the UK nuclear deterrent. He shares his thoughts on nuclear weapons, which he opposes, and on nature poetry's radical past and present.
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Alice Notley
Free Verse

Alice Notley discusses her approach to poetry and a lifetime of experimentalism.
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Free to be who you want to be

Salma, the Indian poet and crusader for women’s rights, discusses the price she has paid during struggles to be the person she always wanted to be.
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