Download these PDF posters of each poem, to print on A4 or A3. 

Cover corridors, stick on fridges, pop up above the kettle at work;  put them anywhere you think other readers will enjoy an unexpected few minutes of freedom.

This year's designs are by Eskimo.

I Opened A Book
by Julia Donaldson

'I Opened a Book' encapsulates the freedom to read and open doors on new worlds. The readers' manifesto. Download PDF poster

From The Book of Why?
by Alec Finlay

Exploring the freedom to ask questions. Watch this poem get bigger, just like the minds of the questioners.
Download PDF poster

Jack and Jill

collected by William and Norah Montgomerie

A simple rhyme, all about the freedom to leave home and the freedom to come back.
Download PDF poster

From The Bruce
by John Barbour

translated and edited by A. A.M. Duncan

Four of the most famous lines ever written on personal and political freedom, from fourteenth-century Scotland.
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The Tradition
by Kathleen Jamie

The tensions of longing for freedom and knowing the past are coiled inside a tightly-wound 8-line poem.
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An Tiona / the tin
by Peter Mackay

translated by Ciaràn Carson

Freedom and repression in your native tongue, explored by a rising star of Scottish Gaelic poetry and a Northern Irish master.
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Thanks to the Gaelic Books Council for supporting the inclusion of 'An Tiona' in this year's National Poetry Day cards, posters and resources.