The Last Burrah Sahibs with Max Scratchmann

The Last Burrah Sahibs is a one-hour one-man-show about the old Scottish jute colonies along the Hooghly river in Bengal during the 1960s when it was still possible to walk down Calcutta streets on a Saturday and only hear Scottish accents.

Max Scratchmann was born into this old-style colonial life of luxury in the 1950s long after it was supposed to have ended (British rule ceased in India in 1947!) and then brought ‘home’ to a very different life in Scotland in the mid-1960s.

Max Scratchmann is an accomplished and award-winning digital artist. He is also a popular performance poet and has appeared at numerous festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe, Imaginate, Hidden Door, the Kelburn Garden Party, the Glasgow Comedy Festival, the Edinburgh Celtic Festival and the Merchant City Festival.


14 September 2017 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm


Scottish Poetry Library


£5 (£4)

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