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Behind the scenes at the Scottish Poetry Library

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The Thursday Post: Magpie Scraps

Mostly the magpie is represented as a bully, a thief, and worse. Are the poets right to put the boot into magpies with such gusto? Our Assistant Librarian Lizzie mulls over how poets have treated the bird.

The Line Break - Paula Meehan: People Make The Songs

In the latest Line Break podcast, Paula Meehan speaks about her Catholic upbringing, and the role of private speech in the public domain.

The Thursday Post: Best Scottish Poems 2015

We published our online anthology Best Scottish Poems 2015 earlier this week, guest edited by poet and novelist Ken MacLeod. We give you the inside story of the collection and why we've awarded Ken the SPL Order of Merit gold medal!

The Thursday Post: Loch Computer

Image: Norman McBeath
Image: Norman McBeath

Scientists, writers and visual artists have collaborated on an exhibition, Loch Computer, that will be hosted by the Edinburgh College of Art between 28 March until 8 April. The exhibition, which explores themes of ‘remoteness’ and ‘connectedness’ in the digital era, focuses on the Hebridean island of Iona. Learn more in our latest blog.

Our new Makar - Jackie Kay

The new National Poet for Scotland or Makar has been announced: Jackie Kay. SPL Director Robyn Marsack reflects upon the qualities she will bring to the position over the next five years.

The Thursday Post: Diversity Rich

An all-woman panel at StAnza 2016
An all-woman panel at StAnza 2016

Our Jennifer reflects upon the recent StAnza poetry festival, International Women's Day and Poems that Make Grown Women Cry and comes to the conclusion, shared in her blog, that diversity enriches everyone's experience of poetry and life.

The Thursday Post: Our New Director

Image: Jon Craig Photos
Image: Jon Craig Photos

The Board of the Scottish Poetry Library is very pleased to announce the appointment of Asif Khan as the new Director of the Library. He will take up his position at the beginning of June 2016.

The Line Break - Ouyang Yu: Creative Mistakes

In the latest Line Break podcast, Ryan and Australian poet Ouyang Yu discuss language barriers, mis-prints and the importance of making 'creative mistakes'. Plus, more poetry sparks!

The Thursday Post: StAnza 2016

Some readers might say they could no more live without poetry than they could live without their heart. Others might say poetry is the place they live. Both varieties of poetry lover will be well catered to in early March when the mighty StAnza poetry festival takes place. Here's some of the events we're looking forward to.

The Thursday Post: My Life in Poetry with Agnes Török

Poet Agnes Török is coming to the SPL (on Thursday 18 February, 6.30pm, as part of the Edinburgh Student Arts Festival) to tell us the story of her life through her favourite poems. To get you in the mood for the event, Agnes remembers the key reading experiences that started her on the road to writing.

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