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Behind the scenes at the Scottish Poetry Library

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Elizabeth Burns - A Tribute

Elizabeth Burns, author of four collections of poetry including the tender and light-filled Held, has died after many years of living with cancer. Her friend and poet Gerrie Fellowes pays tribute to Burns.

The Thursday Post: First Line Films

We’re all big film fans at the SPL. For National Poetry Day, we’ve come up with a way to combine our passions – and we need the help of schools!

The Thursday Post: The Kaki Tree

This week marks the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. An event of that magnitude was bound to inspire poets. One, Gerry Loose, was moved in 2002 to bring a 'survivor' of the blasts to Scotland. Our blog tells the story.

The Line Break: Mary Ruefle - Get Lost

In the latest Line Break podcast, Mary Ruefle talks about finding the joy in the solitary act of writing poetry. And there’s more poetry sparks for you to try out, re-working found text with Tippex, and getting lost in language.

Make It Innu

Rachel McCrum on Innu poetry, Quebecois French and swimming pools in Haiti.

The Thursday Post: The Art of Thomas A Clark

The 2015 Edinburgh Art Festival begins today, and it features work by many artists who straddle the line between visual art and poetry, perhaps none better than Thomas A Clark. Research Student Alice Tarbuck writes about Clark's forays into the area between art and poetry.

The Thursday Post: What We Read On Our Summer Holidays

Heading off on holiday? Want some poetry picks to take with you, but aren't sure what to take? The staff of the SPL has a few suggestions.

The Thursday Post: An Oakwoods Almanac

It hasn’t felt like summer in Scotland this month! We don’t want to hasten the season, but relished these (autumnal) extracts from Gerry Loose’s new book, An Oakwoods Almanac, and the images that go with them.

The Thursday Post: Poems for Doctors

Our Tools of the Trade anthology for graduating doctors has been a success, so much so we'd like to publish a second edition. But we need you support and ideas to make it happen.

The Thursday Post: More Questions than Answers

We're nearing the mid-point of the work on the renovation of our building. Seeing the Library stripped down so radically before its built-up prompts some thoughts by Director Robyn Marsack about uncertainty and how to live with it.

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