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Blog Our Sweet Old Etcetera

Behind the scenes at the Scottish Poetry Library

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Lost for Words?

Tracking down verse from semi-remembered scraps, our poetry 'detective' returns with a haunting case...

The Magic Eye moment

A poetic examination of poetry, those 'Magic Eye moments when it finally comes right', by Kona Macphee.

Nothing but the Poem: Elizabeth Bishop

Our Nothing but the Poem sessions are very popular, and the latest ones, dedicated to Elizabeth Bishop, were no different. What did those attending make of the author of 'One Art'?

Three poets: Tom Leonard, Don Paterson, William Letford

Three poets, three generations of Scottish poetry, one unmissable event.


Cinema is barely a hundred years old; poetry is old as language. Although film is the upstart, poetry and poets have embraced it. If only filmmakers were so deft.

Love poetry?

We all like to get a card and chocolate on Valentine's Day, but the real affair commemorated on the 14th of February is between poetry and love.

Absent Friends

We say goodbye to three memorable poets and friends of the SPL who have died recently: Pearse Hutchinson, Andres Ehin and Wisława Szymborska.

A Tale of Two Dickens

Acclaimed in his day and our own as a great novelist, Charles Dickens celebrates his bicentenary on February 7 2012. What is less talked about is his debt to poets - and his influence on poets to come.

In Praise of Libraries

Saturday 4th February marks the first National Libraries Day. But what's so special about libraries, anyway?

Lost for Words?

Got a few lines of a poem running around your head that you can't track down? Is it driving you to distraction? We know someone who can help.

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