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Behind the scenes at the Scottish Poetry Library

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Flame On!

The Olympic torch has arrived in Scotland. Time to wave our Written World flag!

Poesiefestival: A weekend in Berlin

Robyn Marsack spent the weekend at the Poesiefestival in Berlin, where festival directors and representatives of poetry organisations meet to compare notes and talent-spot. Here are her highlights.

Rhyme Royal

The first Elizabethan era was arguably the greatest ever for English poetry. How then has the second Elizabethan era fared in comparison? One way to judge that question would be to take a look at the Poet Laureates who have served during Elizabeth II’s long reign.

An Anthem for Doomed Youth

The 30th May marks the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Benjamin Britten's War Requiem. A pacifist, he chose to intersperse passages of music with nine poems by Wilfred Owen. Our latest blog outlines Owen's time in Edinburgh during WW1 and how it shaped his development as a poet.

Happy birthday, Aonghas Macneacail!

Aonghas Macneacail turns 70 this year, which he celebrates with a new Selected Poems and an event at the SPL. In a blog specially written for us, Aonghas reflects on what drew him to poetry, and why he keeps writing it.

Being Boring

The Really Boring Colouring Book dwells on the subject of monotony, but we still took to it, for it has three things we hold dear to our hearts: typography, words and colouring in.

Fair-haired Duncan of the Songs

There has been a number of high profile bicentenaries celebrated this year: Dickens, Browning and Lear. 2012 marks another bicentenary, not of a birth but of a death – Donnchadh Bàn Macintyre, one of the great Gaelic poets of the eighteenth century.

Blooming Marvellous

If you can’t get to the Chelsea Flower Show this week, draw up your armchair and join us for a little vicarious gardening with the help of some well-loved poems.

Events, dear boy, events

There's a lot more going on at your friendly, neighbourhood Scottish Poetry Library. So much so, we now have a person dedicated to putting on events for us, Jennifer Williams. In the first of her blogs for the SPL, she tells us about settling in - and what she has in store for you!

Best Scottish Poems 2011

If we could call it ’20 Splendid Scottish Poems’ or ’20 of the most interesting Scottish poems…’ that might be a more accurate label, but it doesn’t have the bite of ‘best’. And the chosen poets should have their moment of basking in the ‘best’ light.

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