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Behind the scenes at the Scottish Poetry Library

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The God Damn Debut Slam

The SPL is bracing itself for the arrival of a new monthly event, the God Damn Debut Slam. What's it all about? Our blog fills you in.

The SPL Christmas Raffle

Ahead of our Discount Xmas Shopping Night on Thursday, 14 December (between 6pm and 9pm), we’re holding a raffle with some fantastic prizes. All money goes to helping to run the SPL. Our blog has all the details about what's in the goody bags.

The Thursday Post: Celebrate Muriel Spark with the SPL in February

Rome c 1970 Copyright ©Jerry Bauer
Rome c 1970 Copyright ©Jerry Bauer

In 2018, Edinburgh celebrates the life and achievements of one its greatest writers, Muriel Spark. The Scottish Poetry Library is especially keen to celebrate Spark’s legacy, because, as is often overlooked, she began her writing career as a poet and poetry critic. Our blog has details of an event featuring Elaine Feinstein and Alan Taylor.

The Edwin Morgan Poetry Award 2018

Edwin Morgan, 1980
Edwin Morgan, 1980

The 2018 Edwin Morgan Poetry Award is now accepting entries from young Scottish poets or poets living in Scotland. Our latest blog reveals its fine pedigree and how you too can take part.

The Thursday Post: Black Friday and an incredible offer by PBS

We’re great fans of the Poetry Book Society and its Bulletin, here at the SPL, so we were very interested when they contacted us to say that on Black Friday (November 24), the PBS was offering a 50 percent discount on gift memberships. More details in our blog.

Times Ten

In June, we asked the public to help us and Voluntary Arts Scotland celebrate the diversity of voluntary arts activity in Scotland. Over the summer, we launched My Time - Poetry inspired by voluntary arts. We were looking for poems on the subject of how we can use our time to work on arts we are passionate about. We've chosen ten poems sent to us that we liked best, one of which will feature in an exhibition next year about community-led arts. Our latest blog features all ten new poems.

The Thursday Post: Poems for Teachers

The Scottish Poetry Library is planning to give a gift to all newly qualified teachers in Scotland: a pocket-sized book of poems, all on the subject of teaching. Can you help us?

The Thursday Post: Burn After Reading, or This Book Might Save Your Life

The makers of a new book, Shelter Stone –The Artist and The Mountain, must be among the few publishers ever to recommend burning the book - if your safety is endangered, anyway. Delivered to each of the 103 bothies in Great Britain that are maintained by the Mountain Bothies Association (MBA), Shelter Stone –The Artist and The Mountain features contributions by many poets. In our enw blog, the publishers discuss the book's genesis.

The Thursday Post: Poetry Cafe of Reminiscence

On Thursday, 2 November, the SPL is holding a Poetry Cafe of Reminiscence, where people can discuss loved ones who've died and hear poetry, as part of the To Absent Friends festival.

Poets Advisory Group

An open letter from Katie Ailes, poet, editor, and chair of our proposed Poets Advisory Group.

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