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The Thursday Post: Poetry Cafe of Reminiscence

Death is a bummer. Few people want to think about it, whether their own death or that of others. And, yet, as a wise person once said, in the midst of life we are in death, and there’s no point playing the ostrich on this topic. Like taxes, it’s the one subject we can’t avoid. In which case, why not talk about it? Why not talk about the people we loved – and lost?

The To Absent Friends festival was set up to do that. Held across Scotland from 1-7 November each year, To Absent Friends is billed as ‘a people’s festival of storytelling and remembrance…because people live on in the memories and stories we share.’ For a few days each year we should give ourselves the license to talk about our memories of those who have died.

The SPL has partnered with the organisation Good Death, Good Life, Good Grief to host a Café of Reminiscence as part of the festival on Thursday, 2 November. If you’re interested, you can drop in to the Café of Reminiscence from 11am to 1pm. The event is free, but as numbers are limited to 20, it would help us to know how many people are coming, for catering. In which case, if you do wish to come, can you register via Eventbrite? Click here to reserve a ticket.

On the day, tables will be set around the Library where those in attendance will have the chance to share stories about a loved one no longer with us; in return, a member of staff will read them a themed poem. It’s a drop-in session, so feel free to join us anytime between 11am and 1pm; we’d be glad to see you and to hear you. The atmosphere will be relaxed and accepting. There will be teas and coffees. Take this chance to share and to listen, without embarrassment.

Poetry Cafe of Reminiscence
Thursday, 2 November
11am - 1pm

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