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The Thursday Post: Last Tools

Ladies and gentlemen what you are looking at is the last copy of Tools of the Trade in stock. We’ve sold out all copies of the latest edition. Tools of the Trade, if you don’t know, is a pocket-sized anthology of around 50 poems, to help junior doctors think about compassion and personal resilience in the challenging situations they’ll face during their first year in the job. It’s given to all newly-graduated medical students in Scotland. It’s edited by doctors, includes poems by doctor-poets, and the first edition was made possible entirely by private donations, many from GPs or their families.

Sales were recently helped greatly by an article about Tools that appeared in the Wall Street Journal (many thanks to Simon Constable for writing the piece). Since that article appeared, we’ve sold most of the stock we hold for sale to the public to doctors in America. The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in particular has proven keen (thanks, chaps).

We’re currently at work on a new edition of Tools of the Trade. If you’d like information on when the next edition comes on sale, you can sign up to our mailing list here. Once we know a date, we’ll email you the relevant details.

Until then, we have no copies of Tools of the Trade to sell. But we do have one last copy to give away. That’s right. We’re holding a competition to win our last copy of Tools. All you need to do is cut and paste the message below and tweet it, bearing in mind to include the hashtag (as that’s how we’ll know you’ve entered the competition).

The second edition of @byleaveswelive's anthology for newly graduated doctors has sold out. If you'd like information about the next edition and when it's coming out, sign up to our Tools mailing list here #toolstrade2018

You have until 1 May to do the tweet. Come that date, we’ll use the hashtag to see everyone who’s entered, pull a name out of a hat, and then DM the winner to get their address and send them a copy. The competition is open to the entire world; we’ll send the copy to you if you win, wherever you are on the planet.

While you’re here, I should add that given the success Tools has had, we’re currently working on a similar title but this time for newly graduated teachers. To Learn The Future: Poems for Teachers should be available by August for newbie teachers and any proud mums / dads / aunts / uncles anywhere in the world who want to give their own son / daughter / nephew / niece a present on taking up the noble profession of teaching. Look out for it.

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