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Behind the scenes at the Scottish Poetry Library

Making It Home

Making it Home is a project run by the Refugee Survival Trust with two aims: to raise public awareness of issues affecting refugees and asylum seekers; and to help build greater integration and understanding between local Scottish people and those who have come from abroad seeking sanctuary. With input from the Scottish Poetry Library, the project used poetry and film to forge a connection between two very diverse groups of women.

Project co-ordinator Esa Aldeghieri and two poets who worked on the project, Claire Askew and Jane McKie, came into the SPL to talk about the project, which you can hear on the podcast below. The Scottish Poetry Library was involved at an early date, helping to choose poems that the two groups of women discussed, a selection that included Edwin Morgan, Jackie Kay and Ruth Padel. The ultimate aim of the project was to help the women make short films based on one of the poems they read together.

How did the women respond when asked what they thought about poetry? Were there differences between how the Scottish and the international groups reacted? And what happened when the two groups finally met? The podcast has all the answers.

As part of Refugee Week Scotland, the films the Making It Home group made are showing in different cinemas around Scotland. A free copy of the Making It Home booklet, featuring poems by the women who participated, plus by Jane McKie and Claire Askew, will be available at each screening.

You will also be able to view the films at your own pace at the following public installations:

Making It Home has a website you can find here, and a Twitter feed providing updates: @_MakingItHome_