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The Line Break: Hilary Menos - Carrying Language

The Line Break is a monthly podcast that revisits Ryan Van Winkle’s interviews for the SPL, but with a new emphasis. Whereas before you were invited to enjoy an interview and reading by a contemporary poet, The Line Break will be especially appreciated by poets eager to learn more about their craft. Vintage interviews are broken up with a new commentary. At regular points, Ryan will drop ‘creative sparks’ into the listening experience, encouraging you to pause the podcast and try out a quick writing exercise.

This month's guest is Hilary Menos, farmer, poet and winner of the Forward Prize for Best First Collection 2010 for Berg. Her most recent collection is Red Devon, which draws from her experience living in the Devonshire Domesday Manor which is now her home. In this interview, Hilary shares some of the crowdpleasing 'bankers' from her poetry set, writing poems in a slaughterhouse, and Ryan grills Hilary on her Superman knowledge. Plus - more sparks from Ryan.

Produced by Culture Laser productions @culturelaser.

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