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Behind the scenes at the Scottish Poetry Library

Day Seven of the SPL advent calendar - The final book sculpture

Today we had the great pleasure and privilege of opening the final gift from the anonymous book sculptor. A fortnight ago it was left with us in a box with instructions not to be opened until the 7 December. Although we were tempted to peek, we carried out her wishes. Today we lifted the lid and found a wonderful treat just in time for Christmas.

Since we discovered the first sculpture, the 'poet-tree', on one of our shelves in March 2011, we have fielded hundreds of questions about it from around the world. When other book sculptures began appearing around Edinburgh, excitement only intensified. Last week, another five book sculptures were left in locations round Scotland. And today one more chapter, possibly the last, was revealed, and it happened in the place where it all began, the Scottish Poetry Library.

We can't express how grateful we are to the sculptor, whoever she is. We are very touched and delighted that she has given to us not one, not even two, but three examples of her exquisite art. She wanted to share her sculptures with us, and, in the same spirit, we want to share this final one with you. Today's advent calendar, then, is a collection of photographs of the last sculpture and a video of the box in which it was stored being opened.

Video footage of the box being opened.

The box arrives in the SPL. What's inside?

The grand unveiling.

Ta da!

Queen for a day

A poet-tree

Branching out

Lines from Stevenson

Another detail from the final book sculpture

A message from the sculptor.