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The Thursday Post: Best Scottish Poems 2017 is coming

You'll find the 20 poems in BSP 2017 in these books - but what are they?
You'll find the 20 poems in BSP 2017 in these books - but what are they?

On Friday, 27 April, the SPL will publish its annual online anthology Best Scottish Poems, guest edited by musician Roddy Woomble. Who has he chosen?

The Thursday Post: #MeToo

Today, Thursday, 8 March, is International Women’s Day. In the year since the last IWD, the #MeToo phenomenon, which began on social media, has grown into a movement. Deborah Alma has edited a new collection, #MeToo – Rallying Against Sexual Assault and Harassment: A Woman’s Poetry Anthology (Fair Acre Press, £10). Below, in an edited version of #MeToo’s introduction, Deborah Alma explains the genesis of the book.

A Merry Christmas from the SPL and Liz Lochhead

A Christmas treat exclusively for readers of the SPL blog. Liz Lochhead, former National Poet for Scotland and forever friend of the SPL, has penned a poem for the ‘Spirit of Light ‘ project, a celebration in music and song that combines the sacred and the secular in an illuminating new work composed by Tommy Smith, Kurt Elling, and the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra this December. Liz has very kindly allowed us to feature the poem on our website, so enjoy!

The Thursday Post: Black Friday and an incredible offer by PBS

We’re great fans of the Poetry Book Society and its Bulletin, here at the SPL, so we were very interested when they contacted us to say that on Black Friday (November 24), the PBS was offering a 50 percent discount on gift memberships. More details in our blog.

Times Ten

In June, we asked the public to help us and Voluntary Arts Scotland celebrate the diversity of voluntary arts activity in Scotland. Over the summer, we launched My Time - Poetry inspired by voluntary arts. We were looking for poems on the subject of how we can use our time to work on arts we are passionate about. We've chosen ten poems sent to us that we liked best, one of which will feature in an exhibition next year about community-led arts. Our latest blog features all ten new poems.

The Thursday Post: Burn After Reading, or This Book Might Save Your Life

The makers of a new book, Shelter Stone –The Artist and The Mountain, must be among the few publishers ever to recommend burning the book - if your safety is endangered, anyway. Delivered to each of the 103 bothies in Great Britain that are maintained by the Mountain Bothies Association (MBA), Shelter Stone –The Artist and The Mountain features contributions by many poets. In our enw blog, the publishers discuss the book's genesis.

The Thursday Post: The Poetry Book Society

The Poetry Book Society, your one-stop shop for reviews, news and discounts. Find out what they can do for you, whether you're a reader or a publisher.

The Thursday Post: Poem of the Moments

Last month, we launched our online anthology Best Scottish Poems 2016. One of the ways in which we pay Best Scottish Poems the honour it's due is by featuring each one of the 20 poems chosen on our homepage as a Poem of the Moment. And here are all of 2016's moment in the spotlight collected.

The Best Scottish Poetry Collections of 2016: An incomplete list

2016 has proved to be a fantastic year for Scottish poetry. What did the SPL enjoy most this year? A few suggestions, by no means comprehensive, in our latest blog.

The Library at Innerpeffray

Image: John Barr
Image: John Barr

We were delighted to welcome John Barr to the Library earlier this year. We couldn't let such a distinguished guest visit without asking him one or two questions about what he thought about Scotland and the SPL. Not only did he share his time, he gave us permission to publish a new poem.

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