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The SPL Spring 2018 events programme

A packed house for our God Damn Debut Slam, January 2018
A packed house for our God Damn Debut Slam, January 2018

The SPL presents our Spring 2018 programme of events, a bill stuffed with established names (Jackie Kay, Sean O’Brien, Michael Longley, John Burnside) and hot new talent; of centenary tributes to great Scots; of workshops, reading groups, and the downright quirky.

The God Damn Debut Slam

The SPL is bracing itself for the arrival of a new monthly event, the God Damn Debut Slam. What's it all about? Our blog fills you in.

The Thursday Post: Celebrate Muriel Spark with the SPL in February

Rome c 1970 Copyright ©Jerry Bauer
Rome c 1970 Copyright ©Jerry Bauer

In 2018, Edinburgh celebrates the life and achievements of one its greatest writers, Muriel Spark. The Scottish Poetry Library is especially keen to celebrate Spark’s legacy, because, as is often overlooked, she began her writing career as a poet and poetry critic. Our blog has details of an event featuring Elaine Feinstein and Alan Taylor.

The Thursday Post: Poetry Cafe of Reminiscence

On Thursday, 2 November, the SPL is holding a Poetry Cafe of Reminiscence, where people can discuss loved ones who've died and hear poetry, as part of the To Absent Friends festival.

The Thursday Post: Our EIBF highlights

Our top ten pick of poetry events to see at the Edinburgh International Book Festival in 2017.

The Thursday Post: Ian Hamilton Finlay Symposium

Next month, the University of Edinburgh stages the first dedicated symposium on Ian Hamilton Finlay. We have all the details in our latest blog.

The Thursday Post: Wilfred Owen’s Edinburgh 1917-2017

Image copyright of the Wilfred Owen Asssociation
Image copyright of the Wilfred Owen Asssociation

Wilfred Owen’s stay in Edinburgh in 1917 proved to be a turning point in the history of English literature. We’re pleased to announce that the Scottish Poetry Library is involved in a series of events to be held in the latter part of the year marking the centenary of Owen’s transformative time in the capital.

The Thursday Post: Our Gaelic Weekend

Kathleen MacInnes
Kathleen MacInnes

The Scottish Poetry Library is delighted to announce a weekend of Gaelic events on 13 and 14 May to tie in with the Edinburgh Local Mòd. Events include films, language taster classes, and a concert. And you are invited! Find out more in our blog.

An Eventful Spring

Iain Sinclair by Book Aid International, under a Creative Commons licence
Iain Sinclair by Book Aid International, under a Creative Commons licence

The SPL has an exciting spring programme of events featuring Iain Sinclair, William Letford and Russian poets. Our blog has all the details.


On Tuesday 4 October, 6pm, the SPL hosts Filmpoesie, a night of film and poetry. The Quebec-Scotland Filmpoesie Project brings together poets from Scotland – Rachel McCrum and Calum Rodger – and from Quebec – Jonathan Lamy and Geneviève Gosselin-G – to create a series of intricately linked filmpoems. Calum Rodger blogs about making filmpoems in Montreal - and recapturing a sense of childishness.

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