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Behind the scenes at the Scottish Poetry Library


The Thursday Post: What We Read On Our Summer Holidays

Heading off on holiday? Want some poetry picks to take with you, but aren't sure what to take? The staff of the SPL has a few suggestions.

The Thursday Post: An Oakwoods Almanac

It hasn’t felt like summer in Scotland this month! We don’t want to hasten the season, but relished these (autumnal) extracts from Gerry Loose’s new book, An Oakwoods Almanac, and the images that go with them.

The Thursday Post: EIBF 2015 Highlights

The 2015 Edinburgh International Book Festival is determined to bring more writers from around the world than ever before to Scotland. We're pleased to report this year's mission includes poetry - and that the SPL is playing a part in bringing festival-goers a taste of poetry from all corners of the world.

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