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What poetry mustn't do is talk to itself.

by Bernard O'Donoghue

Upcoming events

Feb 23 Thu

Finding the Words with poets Will Kemp, Jane Kite and Rob Miles

Finding the Words is a regular poetry evening every fourth Thursday of the month at York Explore Library.

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Feb 24 Fri

'The moment that holds you': film-poetry

Liz Mathews introduces her film which is drawn from her artist's books setting poems by Jeremy Hooker. Enjoy the blending of visual and sound poetry in this 24 minute meditation.

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Feb 25 Sat

Nothing but the Poem: J.O. Morgan

Join us for a Nothing But the Poem session discussing the work of J.O. Morgan.

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Feb 25 Sat

Dare to Be Loud! Spoken Word Workshop with Katie Ailes

In this two-hour workshop, spoken word artist Katie Ailes from the collective Loud Poets will guide you through creative writing and performance exercises.

Women Only.

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Need to find a poem for a wedding?

We will be very happy you help you find the poems you need - or even the ones you have 'lost'. We can also help with all sorts of poetry queries. Whatever your question, just get in touch and we'll do our best to help. Ask us a question…

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We have several reading groups for you to choose from.

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