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A Space for Sound

We are currently fundraising for some exciting renovations to our building. We would very much welcome your donations towards this.

You may like to think in multiples of £30, inspired by our anniversary last year – we welcome every donation, from £30 to £30,000 (using the donate box on the right).

Or Text LEAF70 £5 (or £10) to 70070, or visit our Just Giving page.

The Space for Sound Campaign is a £450,000 refurbishment of the Scottish Poetry Library. Creative Scotland, The Binks Trust, Robert Gavron Charitable Trust,the Wolfson Foundation, the Foyle Foundation and the Garfield Weston Foundation have given major contributions to our Space for Sound campaign, but there remains £100,000 to raise in 2015. You are invited to help us meet this goal.

Our vision is to create a flexible, contemporary space that preserves the spirit and indeed much of the Library as it currently exists, while releasing its full potential as a place to bring people and poems together, and as the springboard for the whole range of our poetry-sharing activities.

You donation will help us deliver our mission to bring people and poems together in more effective and creative ways, to reach a much wider audience in the refurbished library, across Scotland and internationally.

Most people think of a library as a silent space, a place where hush prevails. It is true that the Library provides just such a space, a place of retreat, reflection, and academic inquiry.  But we now need to allow for sound and for many different activities, from poetry readings to a place to record and celebrate poetry aloud.  This is what people expect of a twenty-first century library.

Fifteen years ago, no one could have predicted how quickly our collection would grow, how our activities would develop, and how the role of libraries would change. Our building was designed for what we were doing in the 1990s and now we need to plan for the 2020s, even for what we can’t yet imagine.

The Project

Renovation will take place in 2015. Although the public will not have access to the collection in our temporary location, our staff will continue to work full-time to provide most Library projects and services as normal.

When we all return to Crichton’s Close, you will find:

  • More space for books - our whole collection available in one place
  • A large sound-proof space for discussion, learning, and poetry read aloud, enabling us to hold events in the daytime for young people, library and teaching professionals, and the rest of the community, without disturbing other Library users
  • A space where children and their carers can enjoy poetry
  • A space to record and edit audio to add to our digital collection and share our events online with a national and international audience
  • A listening space with comfortable seating where visitors can enjoy our recordings, audio books and other digital resources
  • Light, airy spaces to read for pleasure, study and work, with plenty of power sockets available for laptops and other devices
  • A new, sheltered outdoor terrace for performance, conversation or reading
  • A new area with bar-stool seating and a reading ledge looking out to the Close, with a selection of poetry magazines to hand
  • An improved shop area, helping us to raise more funds.

Please help us make some noise!