Support our work

Some donations are extraordinary, none more so than the ‘Poetree’, gifted by its maker to the SPL in 2011.

In 2015 we extended and renovated the building to create a flexible, contemporary space that preserves the spirit and indeed much of the Library as built in 1999, while releasing its full potential as a place to bring people and poems together, and as the springboard for the whole range of our poetry-sharing activities. We could not have done this without the generosity of donors.

You donation will help us deliver our mission to bring people and poems together in more effective and creative ways, to reach a much wider audience in the refurbished library, across Scotland and internationally. Whether it enables us to acquire books, supports our inquiry service (which makes many individuals happy – finding the poem they needed or thought they’d lost), or assists our work in community settings – schools, libraries, care-homes – you can be sure that you are helping to maintain a unique organisation and service.

A donation of £5, for example, would enable us to conserve a rare recording; £15 would enable us to buy a book and process it for lending; £30 would subsidise one workshop place.

If you have enjoyed your encounter with the SPL today, please support our work with a donation. Thank you!