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Volunteering at the SPL

At the SPL volunteers are a major resource, making a vital contribution to the achievement of our aims.

Volunteers complement and support rather than replace the roles of paid staff, and we believe our relationship with our volunteers is one of mutual responsibility and commitment. Volunteers contribute to many aspects of our work. In particular, volunteer assistance on Saturdays and during evening events allows us to maintain our current opening hours and host many events more fully than we would otherwise be able to. Event volunteering involves setting up and running a donation bar, selling books, using Eventbrite to manage attendance and generally helping out on the night. saturday volunteering involves shelving, labelling and tidying collection items, helping with enquiries and customer service, and getting the opportunity to help with the SPL podcasts.

The Scottish Poetry Library is an ideal environment in which to gain experience of how a library and an arts organisation works, and we can offer the opportunity to develop new skills or enhance existing ones whilst connecting us with the wider community in our commitment to bringing people and poems together. In exchange for your experience, passion, skills and time-commitment, we offer you the opportunity to strengthen your CV, network, forge friendships and participate in creative activities. We aim for this relationship to be one of mutual value and respect.

We recruit volunteers to assist us on an ongoing basis, based on suitability and relevant skills and experience. Please consider joining our team.

Please complete the volunteer application form and send with your CV, if you have one, to, or email us at this address to find out more.


We can occasionally offer short term work experience, formal or specialist placements at the Scottish Poetry Library. Please contact Rebecca Oliva the Head Librarian directly to discuss this further by emailing

At present we do not offer work experience for secondary school pupils, but this policy is currently under consideration.