2013 notes and posters

2013 notes and posters

Here are teaching notes on each poem, with a pdf poster.

You can also lay out all 8 poem postcards to create a swirling display that evokes the cycle of water from sea to sky to land.  If you are working with a primary school pack, you can still lay out your four cards to imitate a rolling river!

If you are working with adult groups, download the separate set of notes for creative writing and reading ideas here.

Maoilios Caimbeul, ‘Rudan a nì uisge’

A rhymed, rhythmic poem about why water is essential.

Jackie Kay, ‘Think Of A Flood’

Jackie Kay's English version of Maoilios Caimbeul's poem.

Diana Hendry, 'What Is The Pond Doing?'

Vivid ways to describe how water behaves. 

Thomas A Clark, ‘coire fhionn lochan’

A poem that ripples hypnotically with 20 watery verbs 

Kapka Kassabova, ‘The Travel Guide to the Country of Your Birth’

What facts & figures statistics can & can't tell you

Don Paterson, 'Rain'

Water and emotion swirl together in a film-maker's perspective.

Kathleen Jamie, ‘The Whale-watcher’

The search for a glimpse of these endangered creatures.

George Campbell Hay, from 'Seeker, Reaper'

Get caught up in this Scots poem praising a fishing boat 

More poems about water...

Use the postcard poems as a route in to talk about other poems that develop the themes you want to explore - try some of the suggestions, right, or:

  • For a quick search of poems on our site, click here and type a word like 'water' into the box. You'll get all the poems that contain that word.
  • You can also browse poems by theme
  • And you can also search keywords or browse by theme on excellent sites like Poetry Archive and the US Poetry Foundation.